Mike Posthumus

Response: Michigan Fails Students with Poor Teacher Prep

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This weekend my mother handed me a newspaper (what’s this?) and requested that I read the full-page full-color article: “Michigan Fails Students with Poor Teacher Prep.” As an employee of GVSU’s College of Education I was excited to learn the ways the exemplary teacher education programs throughout Michigan were failing […]

David Bair

Responses to “Practicing Democracy”

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Please use this forum to discuss Westhieimer’s article “Practicing Democracy.” (This can be found in the Summer/Fall 2013 issue of Colleagues, pages 12-18.) For those of you who are in my EDF 315 course, think about how Westheimer’s position compares with the readings from the textbook. How would you apply […]

Where should we focus our efforts?

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During the Second World War, Allied bombers were sustaining heavy damage from flak and bullets while flying missions over Germany. Many of these bombers failed to return to their bases in Britain. A study was conducted of the damage done to the planes that did make it back which resulted […]

When is it okay to use a calculator?

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All too often, I run into teachers (both preservice and inservice) lamenting that kids are using calculators to compute something simple, like 6 x 7. These teachers express their frustration by threatening to not let kids use any calculators until the kids prove that they know their facts. And there […]

Which tool makes sense?

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Confession of a control-freak: I want lessons to run smoothly (exactly the way I envision them). I have written about this issue before and my efforts to give learners more control in the classroom. If the goal of my teaching is learners who possess phronesis, then I need to provide […]

How's it going?

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When learners enter my class the first day of the semester, they typically see the following projected on the front board: Sooner or later, the cups draw a learner’s attention and the question is asked: “What are these for?” Which is closely followed by, “Is it some sort of stop […]

Can we just flip the homework?

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The lesson has been taught and there are a few minutes remaining in the class period. Of course, this means that students can get a head start on their homework. I sit in on a lot of lessons in my role as an instructional coach for preservice and inservice teachers […]

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