Charts & Challenges

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During the second full week of school, I was feeling pretty pleased with how well things were going. We had created “I” Charts (I for Independent) for 3 of the Daily 5 literacy tasks, practiced them and had built up from 3 to 6 minutes of stamina for Read to […]

When do we stop chewing their food?

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The birds have found the feeder. We moved it and a suet holder closer to the house this winter since the trees that used to shelter them were cut down over the summer. I was afraid that their proximity to the house might frighten the birds, but it has not […]

Who controls the volume?

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For that special date 11-11-11, NPR’s All Songs Considered did a podcast based on the this clip from This is Spinal Tap. No surprise – my thoughts went to education. I wondered about the ways I try to turn my teaching volume up to eleven. There are certainly times in my classroom […]

Whose problem is it?

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“Education systems, teachers, school districts all over the world are going crazy about problem-based learning – nothing like a good problem to solve. But they are looking at the wrong bit of it. The thing we’re neglecting is to find a generation of problem finders.” The above quote comes early in […]

What is your problem? Part III

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  Previously in this series, I shared about action plans (here) and how one teacher used an action plan and observation to improve her use of questions in assessing learners (here). In this post, I provide another example – this time focusing on evaluation. (I have explained before that our […]

What is your problem? Part II

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In this series of posts, I want to share an approach we use with student teachers to support their development as reflective practitioners. The first post introduced the idea of using an action plan as a way for teachers to identify an area of challenge and seek out support. In […]

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